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Message from the CEO

CEO Kenji Fukunaga

The management philosophy of TRANS GENIC Inc. is "To strive toward future development of basic research and medical front as well as healthy and affluent lives for people around the world".
 Based on this philosophy, TRANS GENIC Group provides research institutes and pharmaceutical companies with wide variety of services including basic research support, non-clinical/clinical study, and pathological diagnosis. In order to enhance these broad range of services in life science field, we have actively promoted capital alliance with bio-venture companies possessing highly specific and differentiated technologies and services, collaborative research with academic research institutes, and introduction of new technologies.
On the other hand, we are facing business challenges, such as acute deterioration of business environment by technological innovation and fluctuating business performance. In view of these circumstances, TRANS GENIC launched Investment/ Consulting business that provides support and advice on business succession and regeneration utilizing the know-how obtained from the business experience for the realization of sustainable growth and profit expansion of TRANS GENIC GROUP.
We consider that this new business will be a workaround for the business risk in life science field, and also make a profit in a short period in the booming market for business succession/ regeneration.
We will promote to expand our operating base, concurrently with making further investment in start-up business and M&A to secure the growth potential.

We ask for the ongoing understanding and support of our shareholders.

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