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Established knockout mouse and phenotype database

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Established knockout mouse and phenotype database

Deltagen’s Knockout Mouse and Phenotype Database

We have started providing more than 900 lines of knockout mouse and related database, which was produced by Deltagen Inc., a company possessing superior technologies for genetically engineered animal production and phenotype analysis.

Drug discovery research based on pharmacogenomics and other genomic information has been accelerating in recent years. In that connection, genetically engineered animals have proven to be extremely useful as tools for the functional analysis of specific genes and as disease models. They are extensively used at various research sites.

In addition to reverse genetic approach to use knockout mouse of your gene of interest, it is also possible to use forward genetic approach to search target genes by using phenotype database.

Established knockout mouse (DeltaOne)

We provide more than 900 lines of knockout mouse which is produced in Deltagen Inc.

List of knockout mouse lines

・ Target genes include GPCRs (G protein coupled receptors), ion channels, transporters, proteases, which can be druggable target.
・ Knockout mice were produce by homologous recombination in ES cells, not by genome editing.
・ Heterozygous knockout mice will be shipped in 3 months.

Phenotype database (DeltaBase)

Among available knockout mouse lines, phenotype data is also available for approximately 650 lines.

List of lines in which phenotype data is available

・ Summary of analysis and results including pathological, physiological, behavioral analyses, gene expression, fertility, embryonic lethality are available (some analysis items are different in lines).
Phenotype database (DeltaBase)
・ Data is provided for each line, multiple lines as well as all available set.



Product Contents Price (not including tax)
1 line of knockout mouse
with phenotype data
Heterozygous knockout mice (2 males and 2 females)
with phenotype data
JPY 1,000,000
1 line of knockout mouse Heterozygous knockout mice (2 males and 2 females) JPY 900,000
Phenotype data 1 line JPY 100,000
Phenotype data 656 lines in harddisk JPY 2,000,000

※Shipping cost and additional microbiological tests are not included.
※We also offer mating service to obtain homozygous mice and/or large number of mice.

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