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Deltagen’s Knockout Mouse and Phenotype Database

Deltagen’s Knockout Mouse and Phenotype Database

Drug discovery research based on pharmacogenomics and other genomic information has been accelerating in recent years. In that connection, genetically engineered animals have proven to be extremely useful as tools for the functional analysis of specific genes and as disease models. They are extensively used at research sites.
In affiliation with Deltagen, a company possessing superior technologies for genetically engineered animal production and phenotype analysis, our company offers Deltagen’s enormous selection of knockout mice and the related phenotype data

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Deltagen, Inc.

Headquartered in California, in the United States, Deltagen produces and offers approximately 900 strains of knockout mice (DeltaOne™), mainly from gene families that are especially promising for drug discovery, such as GPCRs, ion channels and transport-related genes. Moreover, Deltagen’s phenotype database covering 750 of these strains (DeltaBase®) is extremely useful for identifying and validating target genes and increasing the efficiency of drug discovery research.

DeltaOne™ offers approximately 900 strains of knockout mice, primarily from genes that are likely to be targets of drug discovery related to a wide range of areas, including the circulatory system, the central nervous system, the digestive system, the immune system, and more.
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This database provides phenotypic information on approximately 750 strains of knockout mice. More than 20,000 data points, that include behavior analysis, histopathological assessments and analytical summaries, have been collected on each gene in the database.
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Comparison of Knockout Mouse Supply Services

  TransGenic Inc. Deltagen Inc.
TG Resource Bank® Custom production of knockout mice DeltaOne™
Trapped genes Extensively, randomly trapped genes
(Approx. 2,700 genes)
The genes desired by customers Genes targeted in drug discovery and deemed highly useful
(Approx. 900 genes)
Production method Exchangeable gene trap method Gene targeting method Gene targeting method
ES cells used TT2 Derived from C57BL/6
(Can also be derived from 129/sv, BALB/c)
Derived from 129
Delivery time Mice: Approx. 3 months Mice: Approx. 1 year Mice: Approx. 3 months
Embryos: Approx. 1 month
Rights Right of use is licensed Rights belong to customer Right of use is licensed

*Please inquire about the details of each service.

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