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High Density Human Tissue Microarrays

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High-density Human Tissue Microarrays

Our company provides high-density human tissue microarrays, and human tissue, that are useful for drug discovery research, especially for the evaluation of drug-discovery target molecules and marker molecules and of antibody drugs; and we provide various services that use those items. For this service we provide technologies of the American company, TriStar.



We also provide cost estimates based on the customer’s wishes. Please feel free to inquire.


Tissue Microarrays (Formalin-fixed and Frozen Tissue Arrays)
Normal Tissue Arrays Low Density Type 96 Spot
(32 normal human tissue × 3 donors)
High Density Type 608 Spot
(76 normal human tissues × 8 donors)
Multi-Tumor Arrays Low Density Type 120 Spot
(10 cancer × 12 donors)
High Density Type 3500 Spot
(3500 donor spots from < 120 cancers)
*Breast, Colorectal, Prostate, Lung, Ovarian, Head & Neck, Melanoma, Liver, Renal Cell & Pancreatic, etc.
Single Cancer Tissue Microarrays 53~250 Spot
(Derived from primary tumors, metastases, normal tissue)
*Breast, Colorectal, Prostate, Lung(NSCLC, SCLC), Ovarian,Head & Neck, Melanoma, Pancreatic, Stomach, Renal Cell, Bladder, Hematological Cancer(Hodgkin's disease, Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma, AML)
Prognosis & Progression array 130 ~ 2800 Spot
(with Follow Up Information)
*Breast, Colon, Prostate, Lung, Pancreatic, Bladder, Kidney, Endometrium, Head & Neck, Ovarian, etc.
*Comes with data on donor's 5-10 year clinical prognosis (age, details of treatment, cancer stage, etc.)
Frozen Tissue Microarrays 18 ~ 60 Spot
*Breast, Colorectal, Prostate, Lung, Pancreatic, Ovarian Bladder, Renal Cell, Hodgkin's disease、Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Melanoma
Arrays related to neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease
Arrays related to IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), rheumatism, and other inflammatory diseases
Immunohistochemistry Staining (IHC) Everything from developing and implementing IHC protocols for antibodies which use formalin-fixed and frozen tissue microarrays, to analyzing results and reporting the findings
FISH Analysis FISH analysis using frozen tissue microarrays
Tissue Cross-Reactivity Testing IHC analysis using histological sections and arrays that have the organ tissue required by the FDA



Headquartered in Maryland, in the United States, TriStar is a biotech company specializing in technology related to molecular pathology. Through its human tissue microarrays and other products, and through its various related services, it in effect provides a completely new kind of technical service in the field of molecular epidemiology.
Thanks to its technology, TriStar has the following advantages.

1. It manufactures and sells large quantities of high-density, high-quality tissue microarrays derived from human organ tissue and useful for high-throughput molecular pathological analysis.

2. It has accumulated more than 20,000 specimens of human cancer tissue and attaches, to microarrays manufactured from them, data and information on the donor’s clinical prognosis, including clinical presentation and treatment history.

3. It not only manufacturers and sells microarrays, but also provides various services, including the development and implementation of immunohistochemistry staining (IHC) protocols for specific antibodies and the reporting of related pathological test results, as well as FISH analysis.

4. Through developing more than 300 protocols annually, it has more than 10 million data points from analytical results, enabling it to offer accumulated expression data for specific molecules.

5. Regarding applications for permission to conduct clinical trials of antibody drugs, it performs data analysis on cross reactivity for the organs and tissues required by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration of the United States).

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