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Frozen Embryos

Our company provides frozen 8-cell mouse embryos produced by vitrification (Nakao et al, 1997, Exp. Anim.46 : 231-234). They can be used as host embryos for chimeric mouse production that uses ES cells derived from pigmented mice, for nuclear transplantation, for investigating the conditions required for freezing and thawing work, and for practicing embryo manipulation. They can also be used for the quality control of culture fluid.


• Prompt delivery: 8-cell embryos of ICR mice, 100 embryos/tube, can be delivered immediately even in large quantities
• Quality assurance: we always check thawing results
• Provision of related reagents: you can also purchase reagents necessary for everything from thawing to culturing
• We attach thawing protocols for customers who wish them
• We can also deal with various customer requests for frozen embryos that are not from the ICR mouse strain or not in the 8-cell stage


Frozen Embryos

Strain / Quantity Desired Retail Price
ICR mouse / 100 embryos/tube 42,000 yen (including tax and shipping)

Related Reagents

Product Use Quantity Price
0.25M Sucrose Thawing frozen embryos 2 ml x 10 containers Please inquire
KSOM Culturing embryos
HTF In vitro fertilization, culturing embryos
CZB-HEPES Embryo manipulation

Requests We Can Handle (Some involve an additional charge)

Mouse Strains We Have Experience in Providing
We produce frozen embryos using the chimeric mice, transgenic mice and F1 mice of customers.
(We can also handle numerous other strains. Please feel free to inquire.)
Developmental Stages
Unfertilized egg, pronuclear embryo, 2-cell embryo, 4-cell embryo, 8-cell embryo, morula, blastocyst-stage embryo
Embryos per Tube
10 embryos, 20 embryos, 25 embryos, 50 embryos, 100 embryos (We can also provide other quantities.)
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