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Current Status of Research and Development

We promote three R&D pipelines.
1, Production technology of genetically engineered mouse
Starting with exchangeable gene trap method, we have accomplished to increase the efficiency of homologous recombination technology using ES cells and transgenic mouse production technology. Recently, we made the recombination technology at ROSA26 locus and CRISPR/Cas9 method in practical use. We also work on the development of new technologies actively.
2, Development of model mouse strains
We actively introduce model mouse strains produced in academic research institutes or in collaboration research. As a result, pathological condition- visualized mouse and disease model mouse are already launched onto the market. Not only the distribution of model mouse strains, we work on the development of liver-humanized mouse for the future deployment to CRO business.
3, Development and application of antibody products
We promote research and development in order to apply antibodies produced by using GANP® mouse technology and various developmental seeds introduced from eternal research institutes to diagnostic agents as biomarkers. We will enhance our brand power of antibody business by improving biomarker developmental pipeline.

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Research and Development Topics
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