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Reproductive Technology Training Center

Reproductive Technology Training Center

Reproductive technologies developed in the fields of experimental animals and industrial animals have been used in a variety of areas, ranging from scientific research to industrial applications. Recently, those technologies have come to be actively used in the field of assisted reproductive medicine for humans.
In conducting its activities related to gene-disrupted mice, Trans Genic has accumulated an array of reproductive technologies related to mice. By providing training to medical and research professionals who need to use reproductive technologies in fields such as assisted reproductive medicine and experimental animals, we hope to contribute to the development of those fields.

Training Program Content
Training Program ContentInformation about planned
training programs is available here.
You can also find FAQ.
Schedule and Cost
Schedule and CostInformation on the schedule, place and fee for each training program is available here.
Inquiry and Application
Inquiry and ApplicationHere is where to inquire about training programs or apply to take a program.
We also provide support for such activities as conducting experiments, using experimental animals, for writing a thesis or paper. Please feel free to inquire.。

Cooperating Companies

In conducting training programs, we receive cooperation from the following. (Listed in Japanese alphabetical order.)

  • Strex, Inc. (sperm sorter)Strex, Inc. (sperm sorter)
  • Narishige Group (micro-manipulator)Narishige Group (micro-manipulator)
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